Rolling around the Splat Zones (10-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

7th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

The battles move to Splat Zones, but I stick with the Carbon Roller Deco. The Warehouse is where I had my first decent Carbon Roller battle, so I'm hoping lightning will strike twice. At least during one of my matches.

Seekers and rolling are good for movement and inking turf, and I practice some caution by staying back at the start of the battle, until enough turf has been covered for Ninja Squidding to be effective. We lose the Splat Zones as squidmates are splatted, but I keep some turf inked to help their return.

That's a nice dodge of the Killer Wail in the middle of a Seeker Rush, and I manage to keep the Seekers flying. I don't think they can hit the inkling on the ledge, but good for them for trying! I use the ink to move ahead, and splat a Tri-slosher I recognise. Hi Kelly! Sorry about that.

I wait under a ledge, wondering if the inklings will drop down this way, but when the Echolocator wears off realise that I can use my time better elsewhere. Splatting and inking! And off up the side with me, where I pause in case my trail has been spotted. And pause a bit more, when ink flies my way, not quite hiding properly.

Once the threat seems gone, I move ahead, sneaking under a Splash Wall for a splat, and moving up and around to see if I can catch any inklings off-guard on a perch. Nope! They've all moved on, because they control the Splat Zones. Oops. I try to make amends, but mess around at the bottom of a crate as we lose the lead. Time to get it together.

A Seeker Rush seems like a good idea, but I react a bit too slow to the Inkstriking inkling in the background. That's fine, I'll just roll over the new teal ink instead. I try to help keep the Zones orange, but my squidding feels pretty aimless. I'm almost thankful that the Gal splats me back to base. Not the second time, though.

Another trip right around the back misses another Inkstrike launch, and again it is dropping back down to ground that finds the action. Just in time to help us retake the lead! There are only seconds to go too, making it relatively simple to keep control for the victory.

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