From green to pink in Splat Zones (10-7, Tri-slosher)

8th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

Look at me being a team player! I even get a 'Nice! for splatting an inkling. That's encouraging! I soon run in to some ink, though, and do it again. And with not only the Splat Zones entirely green, but most of the turf around them, our chances in the battle look bleak.

After a couple of times heading directly out of our base in to waiting green inklings, I decide that an alternative route needs to be sought. Around the long way seems like the best choice, even if it takes me away from the objective. Actually, it's because it takes me away from the objective that it seems like a safer route.

I get outside the base safely and can start sloshing ink around. It's not much to start with, but it gives us some free movement, and charges my Bubbler in time for when I attract green attention. I can keep moving, my squidmates are all around and inking everywhere, and we push back the green ink.

More movement and inking and we control the Splat Zones. The Splat Zones and beyond. Yep, that deserves a 'Nice!' too! Now the green team is feeling the pressure, which if we keep our cool will work in our favour. Personally, I quite enjoy biding my time to splat the Inkstriker, before returning to re-ink the Splat Zones.

Now there is purple ink everywhere! We hold the turf well, pushing as high as we can, and keeping the green inklings held back quite effectively. I get a few good splats, and by the time I start trading splats again it no longer matters. There's the smallest of interludes, but the counter ticks down to complete our knockout victory. Woomy!

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