From splatted to splatter in Splat Zones (14-6, Tri-slosher)

8th April 2017 – 7.00 am

Splat Zones on Piranha Pit, with a Splatterscope on the other team, and I don't immediately head pell mell for the charger? Yes, I'm playing the objective! Long may it last. Ah, there we go. I spy the charger and think I am in a good position. But the Splatterscope is quite good, so I should probably watch my step.

At least on the next encounter I have my Bubbler ready, but the Splatterscope is good and easily avoids me. Never mind, more inking of turf is good! And then I am back where I started, with the Splatterscope having enough Strength-up kit to splat me in under a second. I swear I'll learn the next time.

Hey, we take the lead! I probably helped. I get a nice sloshing splat, and am feeling good for about two seconds, and the Splatterscope gets an angle that makes me a little bit salty. But these things happen. Back to the action, and keeping things yellow!

Avoiding the attention of the Splatterscope drops me behind a Dual Squelcher, and from there I get to a good position to splat an inkling on a high perch. To be honest, if they had stayed up on the box my Tri-slosher wouldn't reach, as I jumped to get the first hit, so I got nicely lucky. Luckier still, I am next to the Splatterscope whose focus is tunnel-visioned ahead of her. Inky vengeance is mine!

The Splat Zones are ours again too! It's a shame my jump is too vigorous, but it's good defence from the Aerospray. I find myself on the defensive for a bit, with some long-range ink coming my way, and as I push ahead an Echolocator hits me. That doesn't stop me getting a decent jump-and-slosh splat on the Splatterscope, though.

I retreat briefly to avoid danger, and return with plenty of ink in my bucket and a bit of luck to get some more splats. With the inklings out of the way, the Splat Zones can be inked again, and it looks like our turning the battle around is making the purple team feel pressured. The Splatterscope wasn't missing those shots earlier in the battle.

Of course, my own confidence gets the better of me too, but at least I don't follow that by charging in to an Inkzooka. A Splat Bomb Rush is another matter. As the clock counts down, the purple team make a last push and control the Splat Zones, but they leave their own undefended, and a late Echolocator lets us splat them all to let us recapture ours, and the battle ends in normal time. Woomy!

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