Caution pays off in Tower Control (5-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

10th April 2017 – 7.00 am

It's not the best-aimed Seeker I've thrown at the start of a Kelp Dome battle, but it hits the ramp well enough to ink a path over for me. This is not a cautious route, it has to be said, and actually quite aggressive. But once over the top, with green ink ahead, I take a bit more care.

I only survive the Splatterscope's attentions thanks to pressure from my squidmates from behind, and I probably don't help at all for the first thirty seconds. I should try to do better from now on.

I squid around the side, past a Beakon I probably should have used, and bide my time as a Splash Wall bars my way. The inkling behind it doesn't come to me, and the Tower is moving away, so I head over to spring a surprise splat from behind.

A squidmate beats me to the splat, and I bump my squiddy head when being too clever in trying to get on to the Tower, so once again I sit and watch. My time comes, and I pounce from above, only to hit the new Splash Wall a couple of times. Thankfully, the third hit catches the inkling.

I press on to support the Tower, but am blissfully unaware of it heading in the wrong direction from the moment I jumped off the central column. This and my aim is why I'm back in A Rank, I'm sure. But I get heading back in the right direction, get a splat, and start supporting the Tower properly.

Sneaking around the back finds some inklings not expecting me. One gets an inky back, but stays standing, the other I splat properly, relieving some long-range pressure from my squidmates. Dropping down, a Seeker slides past, along with the tell-tale sign of a squid. I splat the Carbon Roller too, and the Tower trundles on to give us the lead.

My Carbon flick isn't quite good enough to splat the next inkling before they can transform in to a Kraken, which then sends me back to base, but the Tower keeps on moving. I return to provide a bit more support, although I suspect my squidmates have it all in hand. Even so, having feet on the Tower as we reach the goal is a good feeling.

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