Superb support in Rainmaker (5-0, Tri-slosher)

15th April 2017 – 7.00 am

The Mahi-Mahi Resort water level doesn't drop immediately in Rainmaker, only when one team gets close enough to the podium. That makes the route around the side a little more hazardous and open to being stopped. I go that way anyway, because I enjoy it so much.

I get to a good position, apparently without being seen, and come up behind two focussed inklings. They're kind enough to burst the Rainmaker's Shield for me, and then disappear back to base. Thanks, inklings!

The Rainmaker's there, so I may as well take it, although I sense some pressure from a charger behind me. The Echolocator, from being Haunted, is a bit of a nuisance, but everyone knows where the Rainmaker is anyway.

I take my time with the Rainmaker. I generally like to surge forwards, but I am quite aware of the charger ahead of me, and how the ledge to the left is a good vantage point to rain ink down on the Rainmaker. A few choice bursts from the Rainmaker helps convince me the way forwards is clear.

Almost clear! A Seeker comes my way, and having to go backwards to avoid it makes me paranoid. A few more Rainmaker bursts over the ledge ought to satisfy me. Well, one does it, when I get a splat. Forwards now!

My route is blocked by a Splash Wall, but that's not as much of an impediment when you have the Rainmaker, and some excellent support from your squidmates. The wall comes down, inklings are splatted, and a green path is inked ahead of me.

I squid up the path, and keep squidding, all the way up to the top of the podium! Woomy! That was beautiful teamwork, thanks everyone!

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