Splats don't mean much in Splat Zones (17-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

19th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

I think I need more swim speed to make that jump to the central platform at the start of the battle. But never mind, the Splat Zones are right there, and I should be inking them anyway. I need to avoid a bit of attention first, although I'm not sure how I manage it. Squidmate help, I would say.

When we have the Splat Zones I push forwards, which is a bit bold for a Carbon Roller, but I am not always the smartest squid. Jumping headlong in to a Suction Bomb Rush isn't a great idea, but the inkling is focussed too much on the Suction Bombs and doesn't spray ink towards me, so I get the splat.

I come out better in the quick dance with the next inkling, although how he survives the first flick is a mystery. Thankfully, his ink doesn't splat me before a lucky flick puts tips his yellow ink resistance to critical. Another inkling seems to survive a lot of my Roller ink too, which is a bit frustrating. I almost want to be splatted to see if she's wearing defensive gear. But I get the splat, and the next one is simpler all around. Oh, it's the Octoshot Replica I just splatted.

A bit of defensive work follows, where some patience pays off for a flick over a ledge. The other ledge doesn't bear splats, but when ink is being shot at me it isn't going to the Splat Zones. And I splat the Octoshot again. But we have an intruder in our turf. There's not much I can do from where I am, except try to avoid them, so I focus more on the Splat Zones.

The Suction Bomb Rush reappears, and I splat her again mid-Rush, but this time a bit too close to the Suction Bombs. And it's the inkling from earlier. No defensive gear, but good evasion abilities will help avoid inky attention. I could use some swim speed, or better reactions, so that when I see the Splat Bomb I can avoid it instead of stopping next to it. Never mind.

A Seeker meant for the Splat Zones finds an inkling, which I can't complain about, and the Octoshot goes under my Roller again. I put the Splat Zones under my Roller for a bit, at least neutralising the Splat Zones, but they are slipping away from us. Bomb Rush versus Bomb Rush goes the way of the purple team, as I splat the Octoshot again.

The turf is looking very purple now. I don't want to rush in and be splatted, adding more purple, but I am aware that time counts. I do what I can with the Splat Zones, but believe that splatting the purple inklings will be better in the long run. I nearly achieve that, but land from a splatting just a bit too close to another Suction Bomb.

Our lead is lost, as the battle for the turf is going almost entirely against us. We manage to fight back a little, but again they capture the Splat Zones as again I wander in to a Suction Bomb. I come back looking to make as much turf yellow as I can, cautiously at first, and I think I do a pretty good job.

Along with my squidmates, we recapture the Splat Zones and are free to move over a fair area, also thanks to bagging a few splats along the way. I even manage to bridge the gap to the purple side of the map, landing a decent splat, but I end up pointing the wrong way. The purple inklings come from the side to reclaim the Splat Zones, and as the battle ends they have enough control to take the clear victory. Well played, purple team!

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