Super-quick comeback in Tower Control (6-2, Blaster)

3rd May 2017 – 7.00 am

Check out my bomb awareness now! I squid behind a Seeker overtaking me, and back off from a Suction Bomb lobbed over the Tower. I feel I'm improving in leaps and bounds. I even throw a Disruptor that probably hits. I don't see, and it's on the inkling on the Tower, so it may not matter too much, but it's still something.

A squid around the side catches an inkling in a couple of blasts. I probably ought to get those down to one, direct hit, as more-skilled inklings would turn their weapon on me to get the splat first, but this is what practice is for. As if to prove my point, I end up trading with the Octobrush when my first blast is completely off-target.

It takes a while for us to clear the Tower and get it moving back towards the centre, but as the way forward looks clear I decide to head around the side to provide some sneaky support. It goes well, getting what is kind of a flukey hit, but could also be said to be a well-placed opportunistic hit.

I continue around the ledge, missing the first shot but pushing the inkling away with an indirect hit. Or maybe he's relying on the Suction Bomb he's placed right in my path. But that's okay, as I know to avoid bombs now, and squid back. Not even the Echolocator discourages my progress, not when I have a Killer Wail ready and an obvious direction to aim.

I provide some more blastery support, the indirect fire coming in handy from this elevated angle, and a Disruptor here and there prevents quick movements from the blue team. And it seems like a good idea to hop on to the Tower to keep it moving. It gets me splatted, we have enough inklings on the Tower to push it to the goal.

From deep in our half to the goal in one fluid movement. That deserves a woomy!

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