Splats for the Rainmaker (16-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

7th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

A little misstep when trying to ink a desk is nothing, and I hop back up to get my bearings. A Seeker gives me a route down to the lower level, where a squidmate inadvertently reveals a Roller for me to splat. I don't push forwards to splat a second inkling recklessly, but let a Seeker do it for me. That lets me move up to support the Rainmaker. She goes another route, but I, well, I try to ink some turf to help the advance but am caught quickly.

I keep the turf-inking going as I recover. That's a weird square blotch of purple, but never mind. I turn most of the green purple before moving up, and get a Seeker Rush to get lots more turf covered, splatting an Inkzooka in the process. The Rainmaker is there to be support again, so I look to ink a path, but again am stopped when I push a bit too aggressively.

I choose a different route to return along, and pause to pick my moment. It's a good moment to choose, and I splat an inkling here, and inkling there, and am chased around the blocks as I look to splat the Rainmaker. Once the Rainmaker is splatted, I splat my chaser too. Nice quad splat!

I get the fans going and send a Seeker ahead before dropping down to use my Seeker Rush on the Rainmaker's Shield. A squidmate grabs the Rainmaker, and we head down the side, where some support gets more splats, but at the cost of the Rainmaker being dropped and returned to green tentacles.

I return along the same route as before, getting the drop on the Rainmaker. A super-jumping is incoming, but as I wait for them to land another inkling appears. My attention flits between the two, causing me to get splatted without splatting either. There's a lesson there, I'm sure.

Back along the same route, but coming up short knowing that the Rainmaker is getting close. The height gives me a good advantage, letting me splat the support as squidmates deal with the Rainmaker. I take a step back to see what's happening, and gain more height for more advantage, which gets me a couple more splats.

I move ahead, hoping to make the most of my Seeker Rush, but as the Seekers hit the fan I can do nothing with them, wasting most of the Rush. I press on, trying to recover some turf, but I don't quite know why I head up on to the little platform, given how isolated it has made me in previous battles. Once more, I'm stuck up there, and my flopping down is obvious. I really shouldn't go up there.

As the battle winds down, my squidmates increase our lead, which was handy given the one-point lead that we had been reduced to, and I get splatted a couple more times. But we end up winning comfortably, and I got a healthy number of splats. Woomy!

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