Coping with a pair of chargers in Tower Control (14-8, Blaster)

10th May 2017 – 7.00 am

Back the Blaster for a bit, as my battling is getting sloppy again. It will still be sloppy with the Blaster, but it will feel so much worse that I'll want to improve. Or I could just get repeatedly picked off by either one of two chargers sitting on high in Museum d'Alfonsino.

What am I to do about the chargers? Charge at them, I suppose. Not that I stand much chance of getting close, with them up there, having a good view of everything, and me with a shortish-ranged Blaster. I can't even concentrate on defending the Tower, as I am picked off from across the central gap.

I will have to get to the chargers unnoticed. That means going down the right to start with, as they should be looking mostly forwards. The charger without a scope may not be as easy to evade, but a nicely timed Inkstrike covers my advance, although I think it also knocks the chargers from the perch. Either way, job done for now.

I bump in to an inkling, probably one of the chargers, but fail to get a direct hit, don't catch her squidding away, and don't notice her squidding back until she's super-jumped away. Never mind. At least she's out of action for a bit longer, and I get underneath the perch. If only my aim was better. I don't think it's bad, more that aiming directly upwards is not usual for me.

I splat one charger, the other disappears, but I find him as he finds me. I'm okay with that trade, given previous long-range encounters. I try to go around the other way this time, trying to shake things up a bit, but I'm spotted and splatted, and getting frustrated. I try to go unnoticed along the first route, and I think I am, but that doesn't stop a charger inking my path.

I drop down to get out of harm's way, and put myself in harm's way by defending the Tower. Successfully, mind you. I don't escape the twin laser sights, of course. It feels nowhere is safe right now. Indeed, not even closer to our base, but the charger doesn't feel safe there either, and, as I should, I come out on top of that encounter.

I am reminded about half-way through that Killer Wails exist, and can knock chargers from perches, but I suppose you need to stay unsplatted long enough to charge the Killer Wail first. I use the Killer Wail to sneak around the side, but force a shot a bit too soon to get a clear splat. A squidmate finishes off the splat, which is good, and I continue around to aim for the other charger, almost not getting there from other inky pressure.

It seems I need to be quite mobile to stay unsplatted, and even that's no guarantee. But it forces me to stay aware of where I am and what's around me, and not to linger in one place to long. And when we finally take the lead, it feels like we've earned it.

A squid around the back finds me surrounded by yellow ink, but not enough that I can't splat a charger, and, not finding the other, drop down to defend the Tower. Hey, there's the other charger! And there's the Tri-slosher again. I get the Tri-slosher back almost immediately, but realise it could be at the cost of losing the lead.

I track back to stop the Tower, finding the Disruptors don't go through Inkstrikes, but manage to help a squidmate with some crossfire to reclaim the Tower. I ride the Tower back to the centre, but feel the watchful sight of the chargers upon me. I selfishly let a squidmate take on that burden, deciding
instead to provide some support from a little distance back.

I miss seeing the Tri-slosher head towards the Tower, but in missing that I squid up to challenge the chargers again. I get splatted for my efforts, but not before splatting the two of them. It was a tough battle, and frustrating at times, but it was an interesting challenge!

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