Still going down in Rainmaker (14-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

14th May 2017 – 7.00 am

My rank continues to drop, so I swap out away from practicing with different weapons and head for my favourites. It doesn't really help. That is, my battling gets more reliable personally, but I can only do so much. Still, I love the Carbon Roller Deco, and I love Moray Towers, and as long as I remain having fun all is well.

An indirect route to the bottom of Moray Towers seems appropriate. Heading along the side stops me getting splatted early for silly reasons, and lets me see what's happening, so that I can drop down on to an inkling. The central area is ours to start with, and the Rainmaker is moved forwards.

I retreat away from a Killer Wail and head up and around the side, getting the drop on an inkling on the perch, and another I had no idea was there. I have to move down to try to recover the now-lost Rainmaker, but running out of ink is a problem. At least I can get away, and don't jump in to the Killer Wail.

As I can't dive after the Rainmaker, I wait for an inkling to come to me instead. Here comes one now, heralded by a Suction Bomb. It's a shame he's not the one to reach me first, really. But I come back soon enough, and head the same way as before. Again, the height advantage pays off, as does being sneaky and spotting some new purple ink behind me.

A Seeker Rush inks some turf and provides me a nice path to move through, which puts me in just the right place to stop a Suction Bomb Rush, but it is a shame that I completely lose track of the Rainmaker. Maybe I should have looked at the gauge at the top of the screen sooner.

I catch up with the Rainmaker, the hard way with a Carbon Roller, and help with the next push, until I'm disrupted. I look for a different way to help, but why I roll behind the Seeker, I'm not sure. And I miss the tell-tale sign of a squid until it's too late. At least I keep track of the Rainmaker on the next purple push, and stop them convincingly. Nice!

I manage not to pick up the Rainmaker whilst in the middle of a Seeker Rush, but I'm not sure the squidmate next to me realises why. A Killer Wail helps clear the way ahead, but it's the Suction Bombs from the side that we could do without. I stop them coming. I take the natural route forwards and am happy to see an inkling reveal herself in a puddle, and even being Disrupted doesn't crimp my splatting.

My squidmates look to be heading the route the purple inklings took to take the lead, which seems like a good idea, but a Killer Wail stops their progress. I get splatty revenge for them. We recover the Rainmaker, and I look to provide support, but deciding to launch a Seeker when a flick would do goes badly when I don't have the ink for a Seeker. Oops.

I suppose inking over the purple ink to help prevent an easy knockout push is a bit pointless this late in the battle, and I should concentrate on the Rainmaker itself. I should remember this. I get to the Rainmaker and take it off the purple team as time runs out, and we get some extra time to try win the battle.

It is a tall order to do in extra time what we didn't in normal time. At least we got relatively close at points, but with the Rainmaker where it is, where purple inklings can drop down on us from above, it is no surprise that the battle ends with no more movement. So it goes, and I drop a little closer to B+.

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