Fighting back in Splat Zones (8-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm not sure what my strategy should be for Moray Towers Splat Zones with the Carbon Roller Deco, either at the start or for any of the battle. I suppose I'll have to make one up. Launching a Seeker down the first ramp and jumping down to be above our Splat Zone seems like a good start. I don't think my flick sends much ink out, but it's something.

We come under inky pressure from the yellow team immediately, who are clearly not content staying in their Splat Zone. I am sure one inkling is coming up to say hello, so I try to be a little less predictable about where I'll be. It's a different inkling that forces me to move, though, but he still doesn't predict my movements.

The inkling I thought would appear appears, and when I don't expect him. So it goes. Meeting him again so soon is a bit of a bugger, though, so I head a different way next time, only to be ambushed again. A jink and a squidmate's help keeps me unsplatted this time, which I am quite grateful about.

We are struggling, though. But with all of this pressure on our side of the map, maybe the yellow Splat Zone is a safer place to be, if only I could get there. I go for an opening and, with the nifty help of a Seeker, get to a good position. Now, what can I do here? I can accidentally drop down, but a timely Inkstrike covers my position, and I try to sneak in to a better position. It works, but the yellow inklings move at just the right time too, and I'm caught in a crossfire.

A squidmate saw where I was and super-jumped to me, at least, so we have some purple pressure on the yellow Splat Zone, which is something. But our Splat Zone is still under a lot of pressure itself, and one inkling is being particularly irritating to my squidmates. No problem. A Seeker and Ninja Squid is his downfall, which should take a little pressure off my squidmates.

Trying to push forwards once again has me in the crossfire, which is just bad timing, really. I take a more direct route on my return, and am happy to see my squidmates with me. We take control of the yellow Splat Zone and ink a nice bit of turf around it too. Sure, we don't have control of our own Splat Zone, but the yellow team can't increase their lead without control of both.

We try to maintain awareness of our surroundings, and I pat my squidmate on the back for splatting an incoming inkling nicely. I push up to try to stop them getting close to us, much as the yellow inklings were doing to us, and a Seeker Rush and a nice follow-up gets me a splat, and circling back to above the Splat Zones gets me another. Nice!

Can't stay still! I make another circuit, getting another couple of splats from being somewhere unexpected, and keep the turf purple for a bit longer. I make sure the inking below me is from a squidmate, and it is, before rolling off again. But there's no time left to do anything.

Sure, we are soundly beaten, but we avoid the knockout defeat, I did well to bag myself some decent splats, and we even put some points on the board. That's got to be worth a commiserating 'Nice!'

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