Last-ditch effort in Splat Zones (14-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

22nd May 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm careful not to get in our charger's way whilst he's aiming, and that first purple inkling takes a bit of ink to splat him, but we're on our way. The second inkling is hiding in plain sight, just squidin' on the ground, and I'm a bit lucky that our circling ends with my getting the splat. Going back around our Splat Zone finds two more opportunities, but it starts to get messy and the best I can do is trade.

I head towards the other Splat Zone as we lose ours, and somehow come out on top when squidding towards an inkling who knows I'm there. But that also lets my Seeker Rush charge, which I unleash across the purple Splat Zone. That neutralises it, and I roll around to create more good turf for us before heading back to capture it.

Our Zone needs some attention, and although my Seeker Rush charges again, for some reason I head back to get splatted in an engagement I shouldn't have been in. Silly me. At least my squidmates neutralise our Splat Zone. I come back to look at the purple Zone again, being a little cautious. Then again, I'm not sure you could call it cautious to dive-bomb in to the middle of the purple Splat Zone, but my aim is good and I get a squish.

I have to roll away out of trouble, helped by the conveyer belt, but I am pursued, and my Seekers help me only too late. An Echolocater lets me see that the purple Splat Zone is safe to approach, and the lone inkling that turns up has to come to me, which just about works in my favour, thanks to a squidmate's Kraken. More Seekers and a bit of patience gets me another splat, and retreating and more patience another. But my flick is just a bit too weak to keep my streak going.

I head the other way to give our own Splat Zone some attention, and as a team we turn it teal and move on to the purple Splat Zone. A couple of Rushes spreads ink everywhere, and although I get a couple of splats I also make a large purple splotch right in the middle of the Splat Zone. That's a bit careless. I have to do a quick lap as I come under pressure, but that brings a Splattershot Jr in to my path, who I almost miss, but chasing him lands me right on top of another inkling, much to my delight.

I take the opportunity of the other team being a couple of inklings down to capture their Splat Zone for us, which finally gets our score ticking down for more than a couple of points. It doesn't last long enough to get us the lead, but a bit of patience lets me strike at the right time to get a splat and the Splat Zone back.

There's not much time left, and two Splat Zones to control. With one looking nice and teal I roll around to the other, which just about comes under our control as I get there. Some last-second purple ink comes flying in, but it's not too much to disrupt our control, and we take the lead with about two seconds to go. Nice one, squidmates!

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