Quite a splatty Splat Zones (12-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

9th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

I would say that my Seeker work at the start of the battle isn't as good as the other team's, but give it another second and there we go, the splat was sought after all. And as that inkling is trying to come up our flank, I head that way to repel him. He's not there, but a different inkling has his back to me, which is handy.

I hide from a Seeker Rush, quite well, I think, and send my own Seeker to clear the Splat Zones ahead of me. That lets me ink the Splat Zones to neutralise them, and with a bit of help from my own Seeker Rush and a peripheral Inkstrike, capture the Splat Zones. I'm prematurely stopped by a Squiffer catching sight of me around a corner.

That's a lot of yellow ink on the platform, which will give the other team lots of freedom of movement above us. I head up to ink over it in purple, and take the opportunity to flick ink on the Splat Zones, and a couple of passing inklings. The Carbon Roller rolls away, but the other inkling isn't so lucky.

My Seeker Rush charges just in time to deter an attacker from getting too close, and as he drops down I drop down. A Seeker still catches the Carbon Roller, which is good, and one last Seeker takes me just past the Squiffer looking for targets. I don't think my turn splats her, but I seem to do just enough, and manage to evade the Suction Bomb panic-planted.

A messy encounter ended by an Ink Mine lets me return to some turf control, before my Ninja-squidding finds more opportunity behind our Slosher. The Squiffer wasn't expecting me to appear there, and although I don't get quite close enough to the next inkling, and am forced away by a Bomb Rush, I spot a better opportunity from the corner of my eye. The wall lets me approach safely, and I surprise the other Bomb Rusher nicely.

Another Seeker Rush splats one inkling close by, and a squid-jink lets me ink the Splat Zones, whilst aiming for the Carbon Roller all the way across them. I approach under cover of an Inkstrike to see her jump one Seeker, but not the next. Once more, that Splat Zones are ours. I try to stay out of trouble, but don't do very well, daring to get close to the Squiffer, and then searching for the inkling I accidentally hit with a glancing flick. As I am standing in the ink, she finds me first.

A cautious approach nearly backfires, but being pushed back lets me hit the Carbon Roller behind our lines. The Inkstrike and some extra ink captures the Splat Zones again, but my aggressive push for splats is once again my downfall. It's a nice attempt to use the environment to avoid splats, and my Seeker Rush to lay down some ink, but the yellow team are nicely in control now. They are also in the lead. When did that happen?

A bit of decent manoeuvring gets me to the Splat Zones, and behind the Carbon Roller. The Squiffer is splatted by a squidmate, and we seize control of the Splat Zones again, but they are immediately contested by a Suction Bomb Rush. With not much time left, I don't do the team any favours by floundering on a wall, but the inky pressure is unrelenting as the battle comes to a close.

We did well, but the yellow team got themselves well-coordinated in the last minute.

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