Rollers together in Splat Zones (10-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

10th June 2017 – 7.00 am

Two Rollers per team. Nice! Throwing my first Seeker two inches in to a barrier is a bit less interesting. Ignore that bit. You could probably ignore my running in to a Splattershot too, but that would make you miss my Seeker making the splat mutual.

I go around the side for some perspective, and sensibly don't press to hard until it's a bit safer. I get a good window of opportunity and move up, and my Seeker Rush charges to let me loose ink towards the teal team's base. One inkling makes a break for it, and I give mild chase, mostly thinking that I'm rolling in to trouble. But they've gone. Fair enough.

That battle looks almost won when some chaos breaks loose. Our E-litre 3K is jumped by a brush, who I splat in return, and ink flies from every direction. The Roller is thankfully thrown upwards and away from me by fans, but the Kraken stays on my level. The Splat Zones change hands, but at least our lead should be difficult to beat.

I head around the side again, and although everything looks clear, it is also covered in teal ink, in which squids could be hiding. I do well to get some orange ink across the Splat Zones, but I don't quite neutralise them before being distracted by inklings. I manage to get a couple of splats and stay unsplatted myself, and the Splat Zones are turned orange once more.

I manoeuvre to the side of the teal team, where my previous ink has been covered, and once again hit an obstruction with my Seeker. I ponder my aim, and whether I'm in the wrong place, turning towards the Splat Zones to make sure they are still orange, and get blindsided by a Splat Roller, who then neutralises the Splat Zones. Thankfully, my squidmates are on the ball.

I come back to help keep the Splat Zones orange, or, at least, not teal. Some decent awareness gets me a couple of splats, and looks to guide me to a third, but my awareness doesn't extend to seeing the brush's hair glowing, and the Kraken is more of a surprise than it could have been. The teal team once again stops our counter at a critical point.

That's a lot of flicks the Splattershot endures, and that's not even the splat I get. I come back to keep control of the moving platform, enticing the teal team to engage me, which they do, and with them coming for me I have a good advantage to get the splats. I avoid the temptation to return the favour to the Splattershot, retreating instead, which turns out to be a good move.

Before I get back in to position, we finally bag the knockout victory. I wonder how much we owe to the fishy level 34 E-litre 3K.

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