Pulling it back in Tower Control (12-8, Grim Range Blaster)

11th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

My aim at the Tower is maybe a bit too on-point, as hitting the column may be a central hit, but it doesn't help with the blast. Two indirect hits clear the Tower eventually, though, and then I'm back dancing with the Grim Range Blaster from the previous battle! We're both still not quite expert with the weapon yet, and I get the early upper-hand with a direct hit.

We get to push the Tower a bit, and with no inklings ahead of us I look to our flank. Yep, inklings are coming, not that I can do much about it, apparently. I get back to clear the Tower a moment later than would have kept our lead, but it doesn't matter when I fail to see another purple inkling hopping on as I jog ahead in a bid to apply some preventative ink.

I stop the Tower a second time a moment too late, with Dual Squelcher getting a bead on me, but at least the Tower's moving the right direction again. Not for long, mind you. I hope to flank the purple inklings, which almost works, but only to prevent more of them riding the Tower, when they only need the one.

I finally realise what's happening and, pausing to splat the Grim Range Blaster a bit more quickly this time, turn my Killer Wail towards the Tower. Once more, I'm a moment too late, my squidmates having done what I was remiss about, and we're moving in the right direction again. I try to clear the way ahead, but the inklings are there in force. I think that's where a bunch of Beakons have been planted. They need to go.

Super-jumping back to our charger lets me try to get to the Beakons, but with the purple inklings almost spawning from there I am naturally thwarted before getting close. And I don't get anywhere near that spot on my next attempt, getting stuck in ink as I see a Killer Wail aimed towards me. Maybe I should go the other way.

My squidmates have control of the Tower, so I surge forwards, but everything is purple and inklings are moving to flank. I move up somewhat cautiously, and get a nice splat on the Grim Range Blaster super-jumping in, before finally dealing with the Beakons. The Tower comes back as I wait for a super-jumper, and as I hop on a purple streak flies over me. Beakons are now elsewhere, but hopefully they won't be of much use as we push the Tower forwards once more.

I watch cautiously behind me as the Tower trundles on, and my squidmates throw and shoot ink everywhere in front of me, which is very reassuring. Together, we push the Tower a good distance forwards, close to taking the lead. I bail out as a Kraken comes my way, thinking survival is better than a bit more movement, and manage to splat the Splat Roller on his reversion to inkling. That lets us push the Tower again, our team at full strength, the purple team much diminished.

The Grim Range Blaster above us is a threat, but as a team we hang on to the Tower to take the lead, and more! We almost get a knockout victory before the returning purple inklings splat us off the Tower, which is a very good turn in fortune indeed. Now we just need to defend for the last forty seconds.

I look to flank the Tower, and get a nice double-splat, so don't even mind getting squished by the Splat Roller afterwards. We regain control of the Tower, and I super-jump to it to celebrate our victory. Woomy!

I was again on the opposite team to the other Grim Range Blaster in the next battle, and it's nice to note that, after my multiple splats on her, she got her revenge. She even gave me a squidbagging after most splats, which I took to be good-natured ribbing.

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