Squidding around in Splat Zones (4-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

16th June 2017 – 7.00 am

It's a decent start to this battle. We move up smoothly behind a Seeker, capture our Splat Zone, and I hold it as my squidmates aggressively push for the other Splat Zone. They get it too, maybe not for long, but it's a good move.

I get a lucky splat with a Seeker, as a squidmate distracts its target, and am encouraged by all the purple ink to move up myself. A bit of a bump reveals my squiddy self, though, despite my attempts to be a ninja, and a Carbon Roller pounces on me quite efficiently.

A pause for a Kraken helps, and I sit back again and launch Seekers to control the channels. My squidmates are still pushing well, and recapture both Splat Zones again. Nice! I move up to help, and push as far as the purple ink goes.

A bit of patience has the first splat come to me, and moving back gets a decent splat at the edge of the Splat Zone. Some ripples and quick flicking gets a third splat, and everything is looking rosy. Even pushing up close to the base doesn't get me in to too much trouble, my streak ending by a snapped Inkzooka shot as I try to move orthogonal to the shooter.

It's all gone quite smoothly, mostly thanks to my squidmates. I like to think I helped out a bit too. In the end, I don't quite make it to the Splat Zone before our counter hits zero, but that's just fine with me. Woomy!

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