Splats but little progress in Rainmaker (17-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

19th June 2017 – 7.00 am

We burst the Rainmaker's Shield confidently to start the battle, but trying to clear the rest of the area goes a bit pear-shaped. Still, no one grabs the Rainmaker, not even a purple inkling, and it's there for the taking when I return. I make a move, hit the moving platform, and decide to take the side route. In retrospect, that wasn't such a good idea.

The inklings that splatted me have the Rainmaker in a good position, and make the most of it. I'm just glad that I finally find the Rainmaker under my Carbon Roller, and then don't carelessly run in to an active Killer Wail. I use a Seeker Rush to try to negate a Splash Wall and Suction Bomb Rush, and my squidmate also uses it as a diversion. I press ahead, but a little fast, and turning back just has my being out-ranged.

We're not mostly back to where we were, but a slightly quicker respawn lets me get above the oncoming purple team. And they are all coming. Three at first, nicely underneath me, and the fourth a step behind. Even my average reflexes gets this quad-splat comfortably. A Seeker Rush helps burst the Shield and ink some turf, and we have some time to move the Rainmaker.

No one grabs the Rainmaker at first, pushing forwards for territory, but a squidmate does beat me to it as I turn around, and we press ahead. We get on to the moving platform, and I spy an inkling below who I splat nicely. A second inkling feels my Carbon Roller, and we almost get in to a decent position. It looks like the Rainmaker took the side route, though, like I did before. It went a bit better for them, at least.

The Echolocator is very handy, and I squid around the Splash Wall to hit the purple inkling from above, not quite stopping the Killer Wail. There's a bit of inky confusion on my part around the Rainmaker, and I am splatted back to base as the purple inklings get themselves coordinated again. I generally feel I should take an indirect route to the action. It puts me a little behind, but I am effective when I get there.

I try to ensure the way ahead is clear before moving, and when it looks clear I move. Well, it looked clear. With the Rainmaker where it is, a bit of height looks to be a good idea. And it is. I see a couple of inklings looking the other way around the corner, and drop down for the splats, saving my ink until it's too late to be avoided. That was nice, even if I say so myself.

No one wants the Rainmaker again, so I take one for the team, knowing it will get me splatted. And it gets me splatted. So it goes. Missing with my first flick against an Aerospray gets me splatted too. That's my own fault. And with that, a purple inkling looks to hold on to the Rainmaker as the clock ticks down to finish the battle. I get a Seeker Rush splat as consolation.

But the Rainmaker drops down, right in to my path! I get the splat as a puny wash of ink rains over me, and we burst the Rainmaker's Shield to keep the battle going in to extra time. I am cautious not to grab the Rainmaker as purple ink flies over it, but know that time is now precious. I grab it and make a push, going the side route, because what could go wrong? I could end up a bit close to an Ink Mine, I suppose, but what are the odds?

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