Walking it home in Rainmaker (5-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

3rd July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Woo, nice aim with that first Seeker, not hitting the wall, our plinth, or the non-inkable ramp! I ignore the path I'm making to favour trying to hit the green team from the side, though. I need a bit more ink first, as Seekers are quite thirsty, but I press forwards just before I'm found with a Point Sensor.

I roll around the back, destroying a Beakon, but the green team are further forwards now, almost too far for me to start getting splats. But I splat the charger, at the back, and get a second splat when returning to destroy another Beakon I roller past. That was pretty good timing!

The Rainmaker didn't get far, so I help to burst the Shield and use my Seeker Rush to ink a path ahead. Well, my squidmate takes the safer route down the corridor, made safer by a Killer Wail, which I would be more bitter about if the charger didn't splat me in the open. I think my squidmate made a good choice.

Why, yes, I'll super-jump back in to the action! And, yes, it will be just before the Rainmaker gets splatted. But I land safely behind the action, and sensibly hold back to avoid the Rainmaker's Shield. I also duck in to the corridor, which pretty much sacrifices a squidmate, but saves me from a Disruptor, Bubblers, and charger shots.

I almost leap out too early, but manage to avoid a Rainmaker blast and Suction Bomb, and the second time I come out the Rainmaker isn't quite prepared for me, and the Splatterscope can't quite snap a shot my way. I splat the Rainmaker, flick ink over the ledge to the Splatterscope, and with them splatted a squidmate and I make short work of the Rainmaker's Shield.

There's not far to carry the Rainmaker, and whether I choose the ramp or the block, there's not much squidding room. So I run, taking the shortest path on to the block. The green inklings start to return, but I have support, with one squidmate being awesome enough to ink the plinth. Nice!

Once at the top of the ramp, I can be shielded by the plinth and squid up it simultaneously for the dunk! Woomy!

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