Trying to mount a comeback in Tower Control (11-6, Blaster)

5th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

E-litre 3K one way, Tri-slosher the other, and I guess wrong which one splats me. And there's an annoying interloper near our base. I may miss him with my Disruptor, but I do well not to get splatted immediately a second time. I do a bit of tidying up before turning my attention to the Tower, from two angles, and have to dive off the ledge in to a sea of orange ink to avoid Suction Bombs. It does not go well.

So much orange ink everywhere, and still the Tower comes forwards, pulling even more orange ink with it. And, I have to say, switching back to the Blaster makes me miss the Grim's Burst Bombs to ink up walls reliably. But the Disruptor comes in handy for slowing down the inklings to help us splat them. It doesn't work on Kraken's or Bubblers, though.

The Tower is pushed almost to the goal before we can start a recovery, which I help with my chasing and Disrupting the Tri-slosher. I may get splatted, but with her gone, and a squidmate following-up, the orange team get pushed back properly. At least, for now. We keep the pressure on, thanks to having some room to breathe. It may help if I remembered my Killer Wail, but I don't do so badly without it.

I finally remember my Killer Wail, but I'm not sure it's too effective, and I again feel the need for a Burst Bomb or two to help me up a block, or speed a fan. But some decent manoeuvring lets me support the Tower from a different angle, recovering the Tower soon after its lost, and getting a couple of splats to help keep it moving. My squidmates super-jump back in quickly too, and we look to be in a positive position now.

That E-litre 3K remains a threat, particularly when pushing the Tower towards the orange base. He has such a long range that he can sit right back and make it difficult to get ink on him. It stops us this time, and there's not much time left in the battle to think of how to get past. The solution almost drops in to my lap, as I try to sneak past the E-litre 3K cornering me. He has to drop back as my squidmates push the Tower forwards, and I sneak around the side, which charges my Killer Wail. If only I point that Killer Wail to the E-litre 3K's perch.

Instead of the perch, I aim the Killer Wail in front of the Tower, which probably helps. I push up to support the Tower and my squidmates directly, but the E-litre 3K is there too, in Kraken form, and there's not much we can do about that. The Kraken is well-timed too, sitting on the Tower as the seconds tick down, preventing us from trying to even claim the Tower.

And so the battle ends. But, given the first minute or so, I think we came back very well to put up a decent fight.

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