Getting myself together in Tower Control (8-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

6th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Oops, I wasn't sitting down and comfy as the battle was starting, and throwing myself in to my chair disorientates my inkling slightly. But I get myself pointing in the right direction and get to battling. Well, sort off. The Seeker won't go far with the platform up, and spinning on the spot does nothing. And I get squished by a Roller. But my intent is good.

As I often do, I head the long way around to the objective, even when it's being progressed by the other team. This time, I am just flailing around and my squidmates are responsible for pushing back the teal team, but at least I get to the Tower to ride it back to the centre. I don't really get much father, though. I'll be effective soon, I'm sure.

Ah, my first splat of the battle! Soon followed by my second, thanks to a squidmate being a more obvious target. My new-found skill lets me push forwards, right in to a competing Carbon Roller. Never mind. I show more sense on my return, dropping down to splat an inkling below me but hiding when she pops her Bubbler. I pounce when the Bubbler drops, and, with a slight delay, get the splat.

I splat another inkling going for the Tower, before heading up the top and getting a cheeky squish of the Carbon Roller, whose Burst Bombs I was avoiding by not hopping on to the Tower. But whilst I'm here, I'll use my Seeker Rush. That inks some turf and causes enough confusion, along with a nicely combined Suction Bomb Rush from a squidmate, to push up and apply even more pressure to the Teal team.

As our ink flies everywhere, other squidmates are pushing the Tower, taking it all the way to put us in the lead! Nice! I hop down to push in front of the Tower to help clear the way, and although I get splatted, my squishy body distracts the teal team for my squidmates on the Tower to shoot ink their way.

With some good teamwork, the Tower keeps on trundling to the goal. Woomy!

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