Walking in to bombs in Splat Zones (9-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

13th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

I quite like this side route to the top of Flounder Heights with the Carbon Roller. It gets me in to position quickly and offers a nice long stretch of turf for my Seekers. And, yeah, maybe I get confused about that inkling being on my team, but you have to admire my spirit in trying to splat her anyway.

That Seeker splat is unexpected. I'm mostly trying to ink turf. But I suppose I have a Roller for that, so I hop down and cover the blue Seeker's trail. Whilst I'm here, I push ahead to see what I can do, which is mostly stay out of the Kraken's way, and before you know it I'm on the other side of the divide. Huh.

I head back the other way, thinking we have lost control of the Splat Zones, but all is well over there too. Well, until I stupidly try to squid through a Splat Bomb Rush. At least a squidmate gets the splat, which covers over my own splatting, and returns the Splat Zones to a nice shade of green.

All looks to be going well. The blue team captures one of the Splat Zones, and neutralises the other, but with a bit of luck with my flicking, and being in the right place as the Splatling appears, we re-take one of the Splat Zones. Moving across to re-capture the other goes quite well, considering. I manage to avoid the Splatling, dodge underneath a Splash Wall, and catch a Splat Bomb Rush in progress, bagging two splats. But the other Splat Zone is now neutralised again.

We look to be in a proper battle over the Splat Zones, which should be interesting. We remain mostly in control, but the Splat Zones are being contested regularly now, unlike at the start of the battle. I would probably be more of a help if I always managed to be as sneaky as waiting for the Splatling to get close enough to see the white's of her eyes, but moments later I roll in to a wall with a Splat Bomb next to me. I dunno.

The blue team manage a nice coup by capturing both Splat Zones to give us a significant buffer to work through, but they return to green pretty quickly. I think instead it just gives us more opportunity to look for splats. And sometimes you just need to flick ink luckily at a wall for that to happen, although I did hear some sloshing nearby.

As our buffer runs out and we start scoring properly again, I head across and hide in a corner. I'm looking for inklings squidding up the wall, but it's not inked. A Roller coming up the ramp is good enough, though, but maybe I shouldn't have stayed in the same position after that.

I shout out a 'Nice!' as I return to base, with the battle almost won, but one Splat Zone is neutralised. I squid out, watching both Splat Zones go green again, but once more one is neutralised. I almost make it up the wall to help, but, thankfully for the blue patch just barring my way, my squidmates have everything under control. Woomy!

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