Frustrating the opposition in Tower Control (12-6, Tri-slosher)

14th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

Rushing to the Tower is a good way to be splatted for nothing. Thankfully for me, this goes more for the other team than me for once, as I squid past the Tower to get a double-splat, and a squidmate gets a third. A squidmate shows good initiative and hops on to the Tower to get it moving, and with little encouragement I press forwards to hold our advantage.

I get a couple more splats, being that annoying inkling that occasionally frustrates me too, but chasing another puts me right in the sights of one of the Kelp Splatterscope. Fair dos, really. We've started with a good lead, and hopefully one that we can defend without too much fuss. Of course, it's easier to defend if you're pushing the Tower, and my squidmates play to this strategy too.

We can't completely stop the teal team, though. They get a push going, and I do my best to catch up to the Tower without being splatted, even getting past an Inkzooka. But my squidmates are on top of things, which is good, so in return I head back towards the teal base to ink the turf and see what disruption I can cause. A bit! I do a hit'n'run, retreating to stay safe, but get cocky and go back for me, at which point I am thoroughly overwhelmed by ink.

My squidmates make another push, and I try to support from the back, coming from having been splatted, but don't do too well. On my return, I am surprised to see our side route unused and uninked, so I head that way to give ourselves that option. I run in to the Luna Blaster, and although I do well to deceive him, I slosh my bucket too soon, giving up my position and can only trade splats. So it goes.

Another push by my squidmates. I get to the centre of the camp as it starts, so help a squidmate as he pushes up the centre channel. He's doing pretty well, so head up to the ledge in case of pressure hitting the Tower from above, and finding a hiding squid with my ink. That helps us increase our lead a bit more.

My Bubbler has charged too! With a little peek around the side, I head towards the Tower and hop on, popping the Bubbler as it drops towards the goal. I can't quite keep my footing as the ink flies in, though, and find myself in the drink. Quite impressive, given how much dry land is around me there.

Despite being stopped, we now have a massive lead to overcome. Even better, my squidmates retake control of the Tower and push it to the goal before I can even super-jump back, for the knockout! Woomy!

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