A rather splatty Tower Control (14-4, Tri-slosher)

5th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

There's no charger on the other team, so I don't go charging around the back, but the Heavy Splatling may go up on the walkway. Or maybe not, and that prospective Disruptor throw is embarrassing. At least I give up quickly and drop down to see what I can do about one of the Carbon Rollers. Sort of! But it's quite a protracted tussle, for inklings, and I'm splatted away by some purple support. So it goes.

I think heading around the side would be safer, but I'm chased by purple ink soon enough. I get away and splat a Carbon Roller hassling a squidmate, but the other one surprises me nicely. Now let's go right around the back. That catches me a Killer Wailer, and although it's not just in time to stop the Wail itself, I don't get carried away and run in to the blast. I even get another splat from where I'm safe.

I don't quite catch up to the Tower, but it seems there's enough pressure on it already. Or less enthusiasm for riding it over splats. And I'm glad that I manage to save my Bubbler for a good moment, and activate it at that moment, keeping me going for longer, as squidmates push the Tower in to a stronger lead. I can't say the same the next time my Bubbler charges, but I've had a good string of splats up to that point.

I think super-jumping back is a good idea. A bit of manoeuvring never goes amiss either, letting me evade Burst Bombs, and hit the flank of the Splash-o-matic, before rushing in to the Heavy Splatling. I get the splat, though, which hopefully helps.

Coming back, I think about hitting the flank, but see the pressure the purple team have on the Tower, and change my mind, heading along the walkway instead. That gets some pressure off the Tower, but nearly has me in the middle of a Killer Wail. Somehow, I get clear in time, and although I don't hop on the Tower a squidmate manages to to keep it moving.

I squid around the back, and zoom ahead of the Tower, popping up in front of perhaps unexpecting inklings for a couple of good splats, and manage to pop my Bubbler just before a Carbon Roller squishes me. And, with the Bubbler still active, the Tower pretty much comes to me, so I hop on for the short ride to the goal. Woomy!

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