Mostly Sprinkler splats in Tower Control (11-8, Kelp Splatterscope)

15th September 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm sure if I practice enough, I'll be good with a charger one day. I'm also sure Splatoon 2 will be released first. But at least at my ranks, some other chargers have similar aim to me, and my first exchange with the Splatterscope ends in a no-score draw. Moving around to support our first push on the Tower ends a bit worse.

The purple team come now, and I mostly tidy up their mess as they approach. Turf control is important, after all. When my squidmates get the Tower back, my Killer Wail helps to prevent some inky pressure, but any pressure I try to exert with my Splat Charger is thwarted by one inkling rushing towards me, and my aim being a bit dodgy. Our lead is extended, though.

I keep hitting nothing on my return, but as the Tower trundles our way with purple inklings on it, a well-thrown Sprinkler gets a decent splat. Another Sprinkler gets another splat, which is good, and as the Tower continues I get my first aimed splat. But it's a moment too late, as we lose the lead. I mix up my splats a bit more when my Killer Wail charges, and the Tower makes its way back towards the middle.

As my squidmates push the Tower again, I head around the side looking for a different angle, as I tend to do, and with some time on my hands I get one decent splat, which takes some pressure off the push. A second splat is just beyond my reach, or my aim, more likely, as the misses continue as the inklings get closer. Much closer.

I try to position myself strategically on my return, and I don't do a bad job. My shooting is the bad job, which gets me stuck in more and more trouble until I'm splatted again. At least my Sprinkler gets another splat, so I keep with that strategy for a bit, but even though it's more effective than my shooting, it's pretty ineffective overall. The purple team push past our lead again.

Finally, I get a couple of decent splats in a row. The peeking E-litre 3K is somehow beaten by my little charger, and I fire almost blindly forwards to hit the Kelp Splatterscope. I think I may get a triple splat, with a super-jumper flying in, but the fourth purple inkling pops up to interrupt me. I don't mind really, as I looked vaguely competent to the two purple chargers.

I keep up the good impression for two splats more, one against the Kelp Splatterscope again, which is pretty neat, but better still is the partial charge against the inkling rushing towards me. If only I could have done this earlier. Still, it's all good practice.

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