Supporting the Rainmaker (10-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

24th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

I don't get too far patrolling the corridors from the back, with a fellow Roller avoiding my Seekers and blocking my flanking route. But I help keep the purple team at bay, and don't get splatted, so that's good. I also splat the Rainmaker once cornered, and help burst its shield.

With my Seekers and a Rush ready, I push forwards and trust in my squidmates to grab the Rainmaker, but there must be interference coming from the flanks, as it doesn't come far. I hold my position, though, and try to keep the way forward inked, but pushing too high gets me too much attention.

I come back to follow behind a new Rainmaker push, but in the midst of a purple Suction Bomb Rush. I get a bit further than the Rainmaker, but roll when I should have flicked. I'm back at base, which is bad because it allows the purple team to push, but good because it puts me in a good position to counter the purple push. I nearly do more, but I can't quite splat the entire purple team in time.

I catch up with the Rainmaker as it is dropped, and think I see a super-jumper land nearby. I dunno where, and don't really find them, but I find other inklings, and get really lucky with squishing one of them. I survive a bit longer to have a squidmate pick up the Rainmaker as I am in a good position to ink most of the rest of the way to the podium with a Seeker Rush.

I squid behind my Seekers to ink the ramp up to the podium, and am happy to see no purple inklings around, and happier to see a squidmate squid past me with the Rainmaker. The purple inklings catch me up on the ground, but my squidmate is clear to dunk the Rainmaker. Woomy!

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