Making a fist of it in 3-inkling Rainmaker [10(1)-9, Blaster]

11th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Oops, we lose an inkling before the battle begins. That doesn't bode well for us, but we'll just have to do our best. More than in the Shipyard, the Blaster's lack of wall-inking ability is really felt on the Mainstage, as is my lack of decent ink-resistant clothing so far, but that's teething problems compared to the Blaster.

After a bit of posturing around the burst Rainmaker, the way looks mostly clear. I give my Splashdown a workout just before grabbing the Rainmaker, and make a run for it. I get a fair distance, but am fairly easily stopped, as Rainmaker carriers can be. The purple team start bringing the Rainmaker back, and with the advantage of numbers, plus some dodgy blasting, are covering a lot of turf.

We somehow retake control of the Rainmaker, I'm not quite sure how, and with two inklings splatted as the shield explodes, I think it's time to make another dash. I once again get a fair distance before being stopped, still feeling my way around the Mainstage, before again being reminded of the advantage the purple team have in numbers, as opening the map sees my squidmates doing their best to hold turf, but unable to be everywhere they're needed.

I track the Rainmaker and, under pressure and so not releasing charged shots, splat him easily enough. I try moving the Rainmaker again, but the Blaster is clearly waiting for me on the other side of the water. I come back to chase away a Blaster from trying to ink a path right to the podium, which goes quite well, but I am caught from behind, which also means there is more of a path for the Rainmaker to use. And here comes the Rainmaker now.

Our lead is finally lost. It stood for longer than expected, to be honest, and at least we prevent the knockout defeat. For now, anyway. Toxic Mist may not have been the best choice, draining my ink tank, but I have just enough ink left to splat the Rainmaker as she is about to squid up the podium. But now the Rainmaker is on our doorstep. Thankfully, we manage to burst its shield and grab it, and I help guide my squidmate away from our base.

I'm not able to splat the Dualie Squelchers I spot, but my aim has never been reliable, and although my splatting buys my squidmate a few seconds, he is splatted too. It is kinda fun to see the Dualie Squelchers roll away from trouble in to the water, though. The purple team seem to be well in control now. I try to get some orange turf going, but soon find myself in trouble. Not even a Splashdown can save me. I should remember that can be done during a super-jump, as it seems a bit easy to dodge normally.

The seconds count down as we repel another purple push, and although we clear our base again, we again don't make it much past half-way before being stopped. But never mind, we were on the back foot for the whole battle, and made a pretty good fist of it all the same.

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