Super-splats in Mayonnaise Splatfest [2147p, 15(2)-1, Splattershot Jr]

18th December 2017 – 7.00 am

The Splattershot Jr is working for me, and with the Splatfest coming to a close with my not being Queen of Mayonnaise yet, I'm sticking with it. It's a standard start to the battle, neither side in a rush to confront the other, but when we meet in the middle I first have the advantage of a squidmate by my side to split the blaster's attention, and then catching an inkling before their Ink Armour activates.

I remember my old Turf War mantra of ink and move, ink and move, and am even canny enough not to directly approach the inkling launching Tenta Missiles. A bit of a pause lets me launch a Splat Bomb here and there, and happily lets me catch an inkling squid-jumping over the grate for efficiency. It's not as efficient when you're splatted back to base.

A Splat Bomb encourages the blaster towards me, my Ink Armour protects against the first hit, and my Splattershot Jr excels in point-blank range. I'm on a roll! I finally push my luck a bit too far when engaging two inklings, although it was a good manoeuvre to start with.

The map isn't as eggy as I would like, but it's not particularly covered in ketchup either. I find some gaps to smother with condiments, and expend my Ink Armour against the blaster again, before dodging some attention, although I think our Splatterscope helps me with that.

I finally cross the central divide, and a bit of back-and-forth inks some turf and catches the Jet Squelcher ambling around a corner. With seconds left in the battle, I'm back to inking and moving, until I see a super-jump marker. I pounce for a late splat, bagging a second as I do, and just missing out on a potential third.

I can't believe I was splatted so little! I think it pays to keep things simple sometimes. Or maybe I just got a good match-up for me. Either way, this battle is worth a Woomy!

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