Almost not a bumper load in Salmon Run [30-27-21, 20/497]

26th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Four shooters as weapons is an interesting choice by Mr Grizz, but should at least make most inklings comfortable for each wave. Having said that, starting with the .96 Gal is perhaps my last choice of the four, although the terribly short range of the Sploosh-o-matic makes some bosses awkward. And the atmosphere darkens, for the first wave, indicating something out of the ordinary is about to happen.

Fog! Could be worse, I suppose. I can't see anything from my perch, which is probably the point of fog, so I let my squidmates find the first boss and catch up. But dragging just a little bit lets the bosses build up, and the first appearance of a Steel Head could be a problem without a charger. I feel responsible for splatting it, with my powerful, mid-range weapon, which I manage, but at the cost of ignoring Chum. So it goes.

That seems to be the end of our first-wave troubles, and the other bosses topple pretty easily, leaving plenty of Golden Eggs in their wake. We can pretty much collect and splat simultaneously, and we get a good number to complete the first wave. The second wave is low tide and Mr Grizz gives me the Splattershot Jr. Nice! I can do anything.

Anything! Splatting a Drizzler with its own ink storm, for example. Or get surrounded by a Steel Eel, I suppose. But a Steel Head is trickier, two more so. They stick together, and we splat them simultaneously, though, which works out well. We get some Golden Eggs in open space to collect, and as they dry up a Maws tries to eat me, giving more eggs to collect. This is going well.

More Steel Heads appear, one interrupting my Inkjet, but the wave is nearly over, so when revived I just retreat to a bit of safety, which works just fine. Another good haul for the wave, and Dualie Squelchers for the third. That'll do nicely. Not even a Steel Eel chomping at my heels gives me pause for thought. We're racking up the Golden Eggs again!

Still, nearly jumping over a ledge in to the slimy water to go for a Stinger was close to an aim-for-the-bushes moment. But I'm revived, and I aim for one of the Stingers that will causes us problems. I splat it without hassle, but turn around to see I'm the last inkling standing, still with two Stingers and Great Zapfish knows what other bosses, and salmonids aplenty homing in on me.

Ten seconds left in the wave, I just need to survive! Reviving a squidmate will help a lot, and if I can just get up the wall before the Stinger hits me I should be able to make it. It's close, but I get up the wall and revive a couple of squidmates, before dropping off one last Golden Egg. That was close! Another successful Salmon Run.

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