Lone survivor in Salmon Run [21-26-19, 15/322]

16th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

Nice first bomb at the Flyfish, whilst wading through green muck! There's not that much pressure on, though, and we're waiting for the bosses to appear. I bet I'll miss this time by the middle of the third wave. The Steel Eels are nice and easy to take care of when you know who they're aiming for, and with good altitude changes available. They can't turn on a sixpence. I find myself in an excellent position for the Steelhead too. I solo him and collect all three eggs. Still, I bet my squidmates are busy too.

The second wave could start better, as I try to indicate which way the Stinger is, but that makes me fumble with the controls mid-jump over a grate, and I fall through. At least it's not high tide. And the Splat Charger I have really is not the weapon for Stingers. The Blaster is there to help out at the end, at least.

It's all rather straightforward for a while, until we're fragmented by nasty bosses on both sides of the Grounds. But we cope well enough, and we've easily made quota already, so we don't need to worry too much about collecting eggs, just keeping the numbers down. And when you splat the bosses, the eggs just seem to come. We get a good haul.

And look at that sloshing to start the third wave! I'm not completely au fait with the Sloshing Machine, but I make great use of its arc to splat a Steel Eel sloshing over its head. Nice! I'm a bit stymied by the salmonids as I try to splat the Scrapper, though. And as we drop here and there, even though we're revived, that time spent bobbing lets the bosses accumulate. It gets pretty inky out there.

We've made quota, which is good, but can we stay unsplatted as a team until the end? Kinda, maybe, sorta. It's a good run!

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