Kenickie meets the snow

24th March 2008 – 11.01 am

It snowed over the Easter weekend, occasionally enough to settle for an hour or two, but nothing particularly serious. It was still quite pretty and I think it's the first snow we had this year. I imagine it will be the last too, unless it snows in June again like it did a year or two back.

For Kenickie, who is really just a kitten still, it was probably the first time he had experienced snow. He surely must have been too young to have been let outside last winter, and as noted above this was the first snowfall of the year. I wondered what he would make of it, remembering how other family cats coped initially. Henry was fun, and he had a full snowfall to frolic around in, unable to walk properly in a foot of snow and bouncing along like a lamb. But this was just a sprinkling, although it was falling steadily on occasions.

Kenickie was fun when he first was let out, as he would rush back in and lick his paws like crazy, wondering what on earth had soiled his lovely pink feet so! He got used to it pretty quickly, and enjoys being outside. As for the snow, he didn't know what to make of it. It seemed that he didn't mind it at all when he was outside, as I suppose it wasn't wet like rain and didn't really affect him at first. But when he came in he was all a-fluster as the snow flakes that had landed on him started to melt and he got a little cold and wet. He started licking the melting snow off, wondering where the wetness was coming from.

I don't think Kenickie got a good chance to walk through any snow, as it melted pretty quickly, so he still has some excitement ahead of him in another year when we get a proper snowfall. It may be a photo opportunity, a cat's first time in snow, except that being a white cat means he would be naturally camoflaged in a snowy terrain.

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