Tiger fur duvet cover

27th March 2008 – 9.50 am

Months ago I was encouraged to try my hand at sewing. I personally need a tangible project to complete for me to get involved with a hobby, and I was able to come up with the idea of making a duvet cover from fake tiger fur to get me sewing. A duvet cover is rather large though, even if it isn't particularly ambitious overall, so I started smaller by making a pair of pillow cases out of fake tiger fur. They turned out pretty well, and I'm still using them. Despite this small success, which also added a personal touch to my home, I didn't get around to making the matching duvet cover.

With the four-day Easter weekend approaching and having no plans for the whole weekend I finally decided that I would make the duvet cover. I would have time and it would be good to be creative again. I got myself adequately organised, ordering enough fabric to make the cover in time for it to be delivered before the holiday weekend, and sat down on the Friday to stitch it all together.

The fake fur fabric is not wide enough for the duvet cover, so I needed to order over twice the length required and stitch two halves side-by-side, which was my first task. I then needed to trim the width, as it was too wide overall. After that, I pinned it to the plain white double sheet that I had bought months back to form the bottom of the duvet cover, and had been sitting unused all that time. It was hard work, mostly because I don't have room to lay a duvet cover flat in my home, and I had just about enough room to lay one edge flat at a time. Despite this, I managed to pin the fabrics together well enough to get stitching.

I ironed all the seams, and was ready to turn the cover inside-out to see the almost-finished item. Hey, it looked pretty good! Some of the stitching doesn't bear close scrutiny, but it was holding together and was the right shape. I took the duvet out of my current cover and stuffed it in the newly created one, and threw the tiger fur duvet cover on to my bed. I thought it was perhaps a little baggy at first, but it seems to be just the right fit. The edges and corners aren't devoid of duvet and the whole items lies nice and flat, not bunching up anywhere. I think the previous cover was a little tight in comparison. The white undersheet contrasts really well with the tiger fur, and makes the duvet cover light enough not to overheat me during the night.

I need to add a couple of finishing touches still. I will add some snap fasteners to the open edge, where the duvet is inserted, and I need to add a seam to that edge of the fur too. I was just pleased with the result I got that I left it like that initially. I hope to get around to completing it this weekend, but at the moment it is another lovely addition to my home.

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