RSS feed activate!

29th March 2008 – 10.25 pm

My Google Reader subscription has now picked up the feed for this blog. It didn't before today, and that may have been because I was using a release candidate of Wordpress, whereas now I am using the full release, although I would have thought that the RSS link would be working in an RC. Another reason may be because of DNS propagation issues with the pjh subdomain, not that I fully understand the goings-on with DNS.

I am still getting troubles connecting to the subdomain when using the OpenDNS servers, and still cannot connect to MSN Messenger using Adium when I am not using the OpenDNS servers. It's all a bit frustrating. I have a potential solution to this, but I would rather my subdomain be set-up correctly.

Edit: I may have blogged too soon, as Google Reader isn't picking up this entry or anything newer as of late 30th March. I'll see what I can do about it.

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