Sunday snowfall

6th April 2008 – 2.11 pm

It snowed overnight, leaving a white world to wake up to. It's quite late for snow here, although it has snowed in May and maybe even June before, and the only other snow we've had this year was over the Easter weekend. The Easter snow wasn't much to get excited about though, as it was minor sprinklings here and there, with little settling. Today the snow had settled quite well, with a thick layer over all the greenery, even if the roads and pavements were mostly clear, if wet.

Because of this being the first real snowfall of the year, and we aren't guaranteed snow each year, and because I like the feel of snow underfoot, I took a little walk. I picked up my camera, and enticed my kitty outside to see what he would make of it. Kenickie was a little perturbed by the previous snowfall, even if it was light, because the snow wasn't wet when it landed on him, but he got wet anyway, not realising it was because the snow was melting. He tiptoed out of the front door today and was not too keen to find out what all the white stuff was. After a little while he ventured around to find out that snow is a source of drinking liquid, and lapped up a bit of it, but he didn't want to follow me down the road at all.

I left him to his drinking and wandered off. I headed to the local park, where I was optimistic that I could take a gentle stroll around its perimeter and feel the cotton wool-crunch of my footsteps for a while. Sure enough, the park was a white blanket of snow, and I had a leisurely pace around it, stopping to take the occasional snapshot. It's interesting how everything seems to change so dramatically after a snowfall, making the normal scenery more exotic. I imagine that is because we get snow so rarely that we don't get used to its appearance, which allows us to revel in its nature every time.

My walk around the park came and went, and I started back home again. I saw some kids trying to build a snowman, and quite a few having snowball fights. It's good that we all took time to enjoy the snow when we could, because now, after midday, it has all gone again. Almost every snowflake has melted and the world is back to normal.

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