100 cc Mario Kart Wii

15th April 2008 – 7.23 am

I completed the first two cups of the 100 cc Grand Prix in Mario Kart Wii last night, although the second cup was only bronze. This unlocked the third cup for competition but I wasn't able to win that cup on my only attempt. I need more practice, that's for sure, and I may end up racing around the courses in practice mode so that I get a feel for them before I head out for more Grand Prix races, rather than going in cold to race in a pack of 11 other karts.

Having so many other racers can be a little unforgiving, particularly with quite a few courses that have places you can fall off the track. Being bumped unexpectedly from behind pushing you off the course is not much fun, and also causes quite a large delay that can drop you half-a-dozen places in the race. With a full field of karts collisions become a bit too random in the middle of the pack. There are also a slew of power-ups being fired off, although these don't seem as problematic.

Racing in Mario Kart Wii requires full use of the 'drift' power slide. There are plenty of corners that simply cannot be negotiated by steering alone and need the kart to be pushed in to a power slide. This is why getting know the courses would be a good idea before trying to race in a pack, and is also why random collisions can be frustrating as being bumped in a tight corner can throw you off your line completely and change the whole corner.

Being out in front is great. For a start, you're leading. But it gives you an empty course that you can tear around confidently, and the power-ups that target first place are only temporary frustrations. I suppose the real racer is the one who can get out of the pack and in to a comfortable lead. I'm hoping that this won't come down to a particular choice of character and vehicle, as I enjoy playing Toad a lot. I love the way he pulls wheelies too!

So my current aim is to become more familiar with the individual circuits, allowing me to concentrate on the race and not have to read the track too much. One course that I am currently whizzing around is Toad's Factory. Its long, sweeping corners and accelerated sections are proving to make the course one long and fast power slide to victory.

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