Window blinds

21st April 2008 – 6.38 am

The windows in the office area must have been cleaned over the weekend as all the blinds were fully raised when I got in this morning. It was quite a sight, no blinds obscuring the view from any of the windows. The office seemed to be bigger, more open, instead of the cramped, enclosed space that is full of noisy office workers. I felt quite positive.

My positive attitude didn't last long, and was clubbed back in to submission as soon as window-seated workers came in. The first thing they did, before sitting down even, was to pull the blinds down, as many as they could reach within their non-cubicles. Most of the pulled-down blinds were left open, but a couple were closed completely. The open views have been replaced with a far-too-good a representation of barred windows. Considering the morning sky is a consistent drab grey as far as the eye can see, and there is no glare at all, I don't understand why the blinds were drawn back down. It's quite depressing.

And, of course, as people are coming in the conversation noise has risen and the stupid floor is shaking as people walk to and fro.

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