Guitar arrival

23rd April 2008 – 8.02 am

My new guitar, a white Les Paul Custom, was delivered yesterday. It was quite exciting to unwrap the well-packed guitar, and my first look took my breath away a little. It is really quite an attractive instrument. I didn't have much time to do anything apart from unpack it, as I had a gig to go to, but I quickly tuned it up and gave it a quick play. Well, as much as I can play the guitar. I did a few finger exercises to get the feel of the guitar and then decided to play along to a couple of tracks to see how it felt.

I pulled up iTunes on my computer and set to random the playlist I have of the songs I pretend I can play. I found it amusing that the first random track was Australia, by the Manic Street Preachers, when my choice of colour for the guitar was influenced in part by James Dean Bradfield. I bashed out two or three songs, unamplified, before it was time to go out and was most happy with how my new Les Paul felt.

When I get some more time I'll get to making sure the guitar is set up properly. I'll check the string lengths are okay and I'll lower the action a bit as it's a little too high for my comfort. I just need to ensure that I don't introduce any buzzing with the adjustments. I should also get it all plugged in to make sure all the hardware is functioning. After that, I just hope that I get around to playing more and hopefully improving. It would be a shame to let a beautiful instrument sit unused.

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