I'm Sue Purr, thanks for asking

25th April 2008 – 8.26 pm

Sue Purr, tiger hero

Look out, criminal masterminds, Paragon City has a new protector! With the previously mentioned information that City of Heroes had a good chance of running on my Mac I bought the game to try out. It would let me explore and progress in a new world, as well as help reinvigorate my interest in World of Warcraft by giving me another option when I get bored.

With the guidance from the forum post I got the game installed and running and was presented with the incredible character creation options. There are so many ways to customise your character that it is almost overwhelming. Luckily, I could pick some generic options to give me a basic character and then simply add some tiger textures to be the exact character I'd like to be. This gives me the perfect character whilst introducing me gently to character creation. The most difficult part was coming up with a name. Somehow my puny brain came up with a fairly decent pun, and Sue Purr entered Paragon City to fight crime.

After having played World of Warcraft for years it is disorientating to be a complete newbie again, not knowing the interface, roles, missions, powers, or indeed anything about the game. Some parts are straightforward to pick up, but there are certain aspects that are unfamiliar enough to wonder whether I am making mistakes in using them or not using them. I just hope that I am unable to make any mistakes serious enough that will affect me throughout my superhero career without being able to change them once I learn better what I am doing.

I am a blaster, with the energy and mutation power types, which offers me the excellent combination of being in a ranged attack role with melee special attacks. I don't think it's working out so badly, though. With a bit of running around attacking random minor gangsters in the city I have been using my ranged attacks to open and then using the energy melee attack when the mobs get too close, which has the benefit of knocking them away from me, so maybe I made a good, or at least interesting, choice.

I've already reached the heady heights of third level superhero. Everything is going smoothly so far, except that I black out from the game crashing whenever I spend a minute or so in Atlas Park, whereupon I have to reload and log back in before I can continue being a tiger superhero. It's a good thing that I don't have to spend much time in Atlas Park, or return there frequently, for training and picking up missions, for example. That's a relatively minor frustration for a game that otherwise works wonderfully on a platform it wasn't written to run on, and I'm looking forward to blasting many more gangsters and mobsters.

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