Memory man

8th May 2008 – 6.23 am

I was a little forgetful last night. I filled up my bike at the petrol station and then parked around the back of the station briefly so I could pick up some chips from the chip shop next door. After I had ordered my food I realised that I wasn't carrying my keys, and nor were they in my jacket pocket. I had left them in the bike! I got a little panicky, even though I would only be away from the bike for a couple of minutes at the most and it was out of sight of just about everyone. It might seem like it's not as inviting as leaving keys in a car's ignition, as without a helmet you can't really get far on a bike, but it would be just as easy to pluck they keys from the bike and return a little later, or just throw them away to frustrate the owner. Nothing was amiss when I quickly got back to the bike though, and I was able to ride home to enjoy my chip butties.

A little later I went out for my weekly D&D session. I was running a little late and remembered that the route I normally take would be closed because of overnight roadworks for a couple of weeks. I would have been okay had I been on time, but by the time I would reach the junction they would no doubt be closed. I remembered early on in the journey and it was no problem diverting around it, so I got to D&D easily enough and not too late, and spent part of the journey working out which route to take home also to avoid the roadworks. We had an enjoyable session of D&D, and when I left I headed home the normal way, only realising about the roadworks after I had passed through the junction that was supposed to be closed. The sign informing road users of the roadworks reminded me that it is the following fortnight when the road will be closed overnight, it hadn't started this week. Not only had I misremembered the dates earlier when driving to D&D but I also forgot about changing my route home later. Doh.

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