A flight to remember

14th May 2008 – 1.25 pm

I'm not that smart, you know. Months ago, I was playing my warrior, Tiger, in World of Warcraft and was running around in Shadowmoon Valley for reasons that escape me now, and I saw a fel iron ore vein that I could mine. It was sitting on a rock in a small lake of lava, but getting to it was a simple matter of jumping down on to the rock. Mine, mine, mine, I got me some ore. Then I was stuck. I had jumped down on to the rock but had not realised that the bank would then be too high up for me to jump back. I was surrounded by lava and saw no way out, and wondered for at least a minute how I was going to get out of this predicament. It was only then that I remembered that I had a flying mount. I summoned my gryphon, made the short hop to the bank, and continued on my adventures. You can probably imagine the heroic adventures I have if I manage to get stuck on a rock with a gryphon as a companion.

Last night, Sue Purr was running around Paragon City. I was heading to a warehouse, or sewer, somewhere villainy was afoot at least, and still not knowing the layout of the city too well I was heading to my destination as the crow walks. This inevitably led to having to make diversions on occasion, like when a building rudely blocks my path. On one of the occasions when my path was blocked I actually recognised my surroundings and realised that I would not be able to jump over the high wall in front of me and that a more circuitous route was required. Just as I started to turn, I had a minor revelation. Instead of running I activated my super power of levitation, and flew over the wall instead. Sometimes I just don't know what I'm capable of.

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