Spider-Man says: I'm a brave patient

29th May 2008 – 6.28 am

I had my six-monthly dentist appointment yesterday, which I duly attended. I am not exactly afeared of dentists, but I don't much like tooth pain and I had a bad experience some years back where I ended up getting a filling before the anaesthetic kicked in. Mind you, my current state of not fearing dentistry could be because my current dentist is lovely, and does what she can to make me feel at ease.

Since my last visit, you can view here about my previous dentist visit. I have had a couple of occasions where a tooth has been quite sensitive near the gum-line, but because it comes and goes I have been hoping it isn't a cavity. Despite not really wanting to be poked or drilled I pointed out this sensitivity to my dentist, because if I don't what's the point in turning up, and she neither poked me nor decided I needed to be drilled in to. Instead, she explained, using big words like 'intercuspate', why the gum had receded in that area and then applied some fluoride to aid recovery.

She also checked my newest wisdom tooth, which she has previously described as 'horrid and compacted', and was genuinely impressed with how I am managing to keep it clean. And that was that! Another check-up and everything is well. After the dentist and her assistant had had a busy, complicated day with just about everyone else, they were just as happy with my visit as I was and gave me a sticker of Spider-Man telling me that I'm a 'brave patient'. Yes!

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