Hostile office environmental conditions

4th June 2008 – 9.28 am

I'm probably a little too passive for my own good some of the time, perhaps even excusing it as tolerance on occasion. The aggressive air conditioning in this stupid open-plan office is one area that I have tolerated through lack of action for ages. The temperature in here is occasionally comfortable, but mostly chilly, and I am nearly always feeling cold.

Today I found I had had enough. It is the start of June, and I am wearing one of my warmest winter jumpers and have goosebumps. I'm a degree away from physically shivering and I don't think it's reasonable to wear a coat in an office environment. I called the site facilities helpdesk and reported that it is freezing here.

I will continue to report when it is too cold, because I am getting tired of this hostile environment and the temperature is something I can hope to change. My new headphones are doing a good job of reducing noise, which is another condition I can affect.

Sadly I don't think there is anything I can do about the two stinky people who refuse to wash, or the floor that shakes like a freight train is passing nearby whenever someone walks past my desk or at the other end of the office, or anywhere in-between.

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