Minus three months' notice

6th June 2008 – 3.26 pm

A few months back I was having trouble with UKFSN, my hosting provider at the time. Part of the trouble was not being billed for my hosting account, which, along with other problems, pushed me to move my hosting package to Memset instead. I sent a couple of e-mails to the UKFSN support address asking to be billed but, despite getting an automated response, they seemed to fall in to a bit bucket and were ignored. I wasn't sure how long my service would continue if I couldn't pay, hence seeking a different company.

I got an e-mail yesterday informing me that payment for hosting services was due, with the payment dated back to the middle of March. I'm curious as to what will happen next, considering that I've moved all my services elsewhere. I could e-mail to inform them of this, but as I had a chunk of e-mails ignored pleading them to let me pay them some money I'm not particularly inclined to do so.

There have also been a couple of support mailing list e-mails sent in the past week that have told of new functionality within the control panel for hosting users, offering complete control over subdomains and DNS records. Considering that these two areas concern the other problems I was having, and all correspondence I sent wasn't replied to, I am wondering if there has been a period within UKFSN where they were short-staffed or their technical expertise was unexpectedly unavailable, and now that period is over.

Perhaps if I were having the same problems now as I was then and e-mailed support they would get resolved as promptly as any other issue I had over the few years I happily hosted my sites with them. I would like to think so.

One issue that I still have is that any e-mail sent to my domains from a UKFSN server goes to my old, inactive account with them, rather than to the Memset servers. As far as I can tell, only mail from within UKFSN does this, which leads me to believe, with my limited knowledge on this subject, that they have something misconfigured. Maybe if they deactivate my account through non-payment this issue will go away and I won't have to monitor a defunct mail server address for e-mail from friends.

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