11th June 2008 – 7.48 am

Oops. I'm not really one to take much note of washing labels on clothes, trying to avoid buying anything that is dry-clean-only, or with other such restrictions, so that my laundry is as simple as possible to complete. I generally throw everything in to the washing machine and put it on a general cycle, and this works out just fine for clothes, with towels and similar items getting a more rigorous cleaning separately.

I got a reminder the other day that items of clothing received as gifts should probably be inspected at least once, after a lovely jumper my mum gave me came out of the machine somewhat smaller than I remembered it to be. Uh-oh! I found the label and, sure enough, there it was: hand wash only. Urgh, that's not good. I gave it a bit of a stretch and I may be able to salvage it but it was already a bit late to notice.

It's a bit of a shame as it is a nice jumper, but not the end of the world. My mum was amused by this as well when I told her, admitting that she hadn't thought to check the label when buying it either, and probably would have done the same thing. Ah well, it's a good reminder to be more mindful of checking the label of new clothes, at least.

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