A spoonful of curry

16th June 2008 – 7.06 am

I had friends over for a Friday Film Night, which generally involves getting a take-away meal. This occasion was no exception, with a plan in place to order a curry between films. One of the early times that I hosted a film night I was a little embarrassed to realise that I didn't have enough plates for my guests, particularly as there were only four of us. I generally only need the one dinner plate, so owning three never really was an issue until that point. I got around needing an extra plate by making use of a nice bowl I have that I sometimes use for pasta and other such dishes.

This time I was going to be organised. I knew there would be more people than plates coming, five in fact, and I had time to pop to the shops to pick up another couple of plates. I only went in to my local town but there was enough choice amongst the handful of suitable shops to find some appropriate plates, and I headed home again feeling pleased with myself. Indeed, when the time came to enjoy our food I announced, to most guests' surprise, that 'I have enough plates for everyone!'

There was much rejoicing, and I felt terribly pleased with myself for being able to provide properly for my guests, until a few seconds later when I realised I had to add a small caveat, 'but someone will have to eat with a spoon.' I had managed to prevent a lack of plates but had forgotten that I only had four sets of cutlery. I'm lucky that we tend to have curry during film nights, as that lends itself to being spooned more than other foods.

The first film of the night was Michael Clayton, which we watched with just a danish and some coffee, and was an interesting look at the abuse of money and how the legal system works in to that. The DVD has a commentary track on it by the director that I can listen to and get a better idea of what's going on, which I'll get around to listening to soon. The curry was ordered afterwards, and we sat down with food to watch MST3K's Manos: Hands of Fate, one of the worst films ever made. I think it distracted everyone from the lack of forks quite well, and was a lot of fun to watch in a group. The Manos DVD also had some MST3K outtakes on it as an extra, and we ended the evening watching Tom Servo's head fall off.

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