Respect and cuddles

24th June 2008 – 6.43 am

Apparently, it was 'Respect at Work Day' yesterday, which perhaps made it a little unfortunate that I wore my VG Cats t-shirt that has Aeris raising a fist and saying 'I'm going to start wounding you now!' I tried to placate people by pointing out that it makes sense within its context, but surprisingly this wasn't completely believed.

I stopped in my hallway last night to stroke Kenickie, my kitty, because he's so cute. I need no other reason. After a few seconds he seemed to get restless and bounced up, prowling around me a little. I wondered if he wasn't enjoying the stroking too much, and then I realised what he was after. I sat down on the floor with my legs straight out in front of me and Kenickie immediately climbed on to my lap and curled up. It's not that he didn't want to be stroked, he wanted to be cuddled as well. He's adorable.

I'm not quite sure where the time went last night, as I ended up not playing any computer games. Part of my time was used popping out to the shops after I started getting all the ingredients together for the chili con carne I had planned to cook and realising that I had forgotten one important ingredient. It was a rather pleasant evening and so I had quite a nice walk to the supermarket and back.

After Kinless mentioned daring incursions in to Horde territory I took Knifey on a whistle-stop tour of the Horde capitals to steal their flames over the weekend, getting a neat crown as a reward, and was hoping to desecrate more flames before the Midsummer celebrations end in World of Warcraft. Being only five bubs away anyway, Knifey dinged 60 after completing the fire juggling quests, so I bought him his swift ram and this makes running around Azeroth to find the flames a bit easier.

I didn't really 'play' any EVE Online, although I popped in to the system a couple of times to continue my skill training. I can now target an extra ship or two, which will help take down rats more quickly that don't survive a single missile strike. Whilst mid-range strikes with missiles are satisfying I really need to be less trigger-happy and remember that even though I can lock-on to a target at 40 km my missiles currently are unlikely to reach their target if fired at distances greater than 25 km. Patience, Penny, patience.

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