Screen grabs in EVE Online Mac

9th July 2008 – 5.54 pm

I wrote before about how the keymapping for screen grabs in EVE Online is locked but makes no sense for the Mac version. The only solution I found was a general hint simply referring to the in-built screen grab mechanism in OS X, which is to hit Cmd-Shift-3.

I already knew about this, but in finding a link about capturing screen shots from the Apple web site I handily find some more specific uses of the screen grab utility.

Armed with the information that there is no in-game method of taking a screen grab, and after I had accidentally found that hitting 'tab' in the game collapses all windows to their menu bars, I took this shot of my Kestrel after I entered the stunning Muvolailen system for the first time:

Kestrel in the Muvolailen system

When logging in to the game there is a different helpful hint presented on the character selection screen. The next time I logged in to EVE Online after taking the above screen grab informed me that I can remove the UI completely by pressing Ctrl-F9. Tch, I had even been looking for that option after failing to find a way to take screen grabs in the game, so either it isn't shown in the keymapping or I missed it completely. Now I know.

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