Lacking intelligence space!

18th July 2008 – 6.34 pm

I made what must be a noob mistake in EVE Online. When I first became a capsuleer I trained in the learning skill, remember others mentioning its importance, as it reduces training times for all other skills. My training in the Caldari military had also given me a boost in both giving me an iron will and better spatial awareness, adding to my willpower and perception, just right for piloting and space combat.

However, what I hadn't realised was that I had not received any boost to memory or intelligence. At least, not until last night. There was a mental block between knowing I needed to buy skill books for some skills and realising I was missing training in having an analytical mind as well as instant recall. I bought the books off the market and spent a few hours training both, with them having the benefit of being the primary and secondary skills needed for training in learning skills, the category they both belong to. This meant that training in analytical mind and instant recall made it quicker to train in them further.

As I mentioned above, neither memory nor intelligence have a direct effect on most of the skills I rely upon in piloting and combat, but learning many secondary and quite useful skills rely on them both. By boosting them a little my overall time to learn other skills is greatly reduced, and those handful of hours spent boosting my mind will be recovered quickly and pay off for far longer. Another benefit is that it reduces the time needed to boost my spatial awareness and iron will, which certainly does help when training piloting and combat skills.

It's good to be smarter.

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