EVE Online informational snippets

11th August 2008 – 1.49 pm

It's time to reveal a few more minor functional details that I have discovered recently in EVE Online.

The tactical overlay extends a line from your ship to your current selected target. If this target is outside of targeting range the overlay will draw a cross on the surface of the sphere that it draws to indicate the limit of your targeting range, where the extended line crosses it. This functionality gives a handy immediate indication that your selected target is out of range to be locked-on.

As a curiosity, acceleration gates heading in to deadspace always seem to align with the range indicators on the tactical overlay. I don't know why.

Another handy find is that right-clicking on the sidebar allows for the useless-to-me jukebox, forever accidentally clicked on instead of the journal, to be relegated from the top-level instead to appear beneath the 'accessories' button. The same dialogue window also lets me promote the much more useful log to a top-level button, allowing quicker access to damage and status messages that are useful in gathering intelligence information.

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  2. On the level two mission 'Silence the Informant', the third-stage acceleration gate warps you at 45 degrees to the tactical overlay's range indicators, on the same plane. This is the first time I've not been warped along the range indicators themselves!

    By pjharvey on Aug 16, 2008

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