Don't be Kruul

13th August 2008 – 7.10 am

If you're Kruul, it's likely I'm going to blow up your ship

Kruul got himself a back-up clone alive and kicking after our last encounter and was up to his old tricks. He had again kidnapped some damsel and was holding her at his pleasure den for his own amusement. I was sent off to rescue the damsel, and to despatch Kruul again. This was no Mission: Impossible for me, as I had no intention of making his own guards double-cross him whilst sneaking the kidnapped victim out from under his nose. No, I warp in to deadspace with all launchers flaring. And, I might add, all shield hardeners glowing.

This wasn't like the last time I had met Kruul, though. I held off from attacking him until his guards were despatched, because the previous time we met I attacked Kruul first and he called in elite reinforcements immediately. This led to twice the number of ships all swarming around me and enough missiles heading my way to make Guy Fawkes proud. Luckily, Kruul is terribly predictable, or perhaps just vain in his ability to destroy my ship, and doesn't think to call in reinforcements until again his ship is attacked directly, which allows me to deal with half the numbers at a time than before.

Hitting the reheat to keep a good distance, his personal guards are soon dealt with, and that also means I am a good distance from Kruul when I fire on him. The elite mercenaries warp in and I can keep my distance, limiting the number of their missiles that are in range, and these extra ships are blown up one at a time. I am left with rescuing the damsel and cleaning up after myself. Another mission completed!

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