Leaving Jita

15th August 2008 – 7.16 am

It would be easier to leave Jita if it were possible to enter the system in the first place. Having found some asteroids in a deadspace mission pocket I thought I'd take the opportunity to mine some ore with less chance of being rudely interrupted. Mining the asteroids meant heading back to get my mining cruiser, then swapping to my hauler, before finally jumping back in to my Caracal to return to my agent to complete the mission. I pointed my Caracal at the first stargate on the trip back to Jita and started making the few jumps needed to get there.

When I got to the Jita gate in Sobaseki I initiated the jump process and my ship... well, it didn't quite make it to Jita, but it certainly wasn't in Sobaseki any more. I'm not entirely sure where it was, as it seemed to be in limbo. I waited for a while, browsed the web for a bit, did some auctioneering in World of Warcraft, and waited some more, but Jita and my ship remained equally absent. I tried restarting EVE Online to see if that would kick-start the post-jump resubstantiation but with no luck.

After a bit more pointless waiting I had nothing else to do but fire off a character stuck SOS, noting that Penny Ibramovic had disappeared on her way to Jita. My plea was heard and was quickly and politely responded to, and the jump gate was rebooted to push me back in to Sobaseki. 'I suggest you stay away from Jita for the time being', I was told, but I had no intention of trying to get back there any time soon, and never really relished the idea of jumping in to the system-wide stasis webifier that is Jita.

I had to go back at some point as my main ships are stored there, as well as some many minerals and some probably unnecessary modules. I formulated a plan: I'd go back to Jita when it was quieter and get everything necessary in to a different system. And that's what I did. I got my ships out of Jita as well as any items in storage that I might want to use, and moved everything to a nearby system that looked like it would serve me as a hub just as well.

I will probably still head in to Jita on occasion, because of the bustling market economy both offering good deals on buying equipment and a thriving environment in which to sell salvaged modules, but with all my ships elsewhere it will not be a necessary location to jump in to for day-to-day operations.

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